Thursday, October 12, 2023

October Leaux Cay Update

Hey there, Leaux Cay Readers! Good afternoon!

I thought I'd share my writing goals for this month as well as the latest goings-on in my writing life! 


If you didn't know, my first-ever author newsletter, Leaux Cay News, went out this past week! Yay! It'll be a regular update with my Grant's Crossing novels and Vellas, as well as a window to other authors and books. Everyone who signs up gets subscriber-exclusive gifts, such as sneak peeks into my books or extra scenes and chapters that aren't part of the books themselves. In other words, sign up, and you get some good stuff! 


I'm hard at work on my follow-up book to Wayward Guilt. Safe Now, Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 2, isn't due to hit the shelves until late March 2024, but it's already available for pre-order. It's been slow going, but I hope to get my initial draft to my alphas by the time I go to Las Vegas next month! 

I'm still working on the official blurb, too, but I'm up to my tagline: 

    How far would you go to protect your little brother?

Marine veteran, Steve Cook, will go through hell or high water to get to his little brother, even if that means moving from state to state to find him and make him safe. 

Stay tuned for more! 


I've started writing Kindle Vellas on You can find links to them on my Amazon author page. Feel free to follow me when you get there! 

A Kindle Vella is a story that's published one scene or one chapter at a time. Readers can read the first three episodes for free, and after that, they can use tokens to unlock subsequent episodes. So far, I'm having pretty good luck with it. The best part is the interaction with readers - such as following the stories, giving thumbs up to each episode, leaving comments, answering polls, and, with purchased tokens, marking a story as a "fave," which can put my Vella in the featured section. (Trust me - for us authors? That's a big, no HUGE deal!) 

I'm writing one story, which is Two Brothers, a drama, and also Between the Lines, which is the small-town romance side of Safe Now that was removed from the book. Think of it as a link between Wayward Guilt, i.e. Book 1, and Safe Now, i.e. Book 2. 


I'm heading out to Las Vegas in a few weeks for the annual 20 Books to Vegas Writers Conference for self-published authors. It'll be my second time going, and I can't wait to see all my friends and to make all new ones. We had a blast last year, and it's going to be a ton of fun, but I know I'm going to learn a lot as well. 

I'll post pictures in next month's update! 


Might as well include a crazy, way out there, dream goal, too, right? 

Well, here it is: I'd love to release Wayward Guilt into the wild as an audiobook. The quotes I've received so far from voice artists I like are pretty damned expensive. They're so much so that I'm tempted to create a gofundme page to raise money. While I'm at it, maybe I'll make it enough for a professional review as well! We'll see how things go. 

Well, Leaux Cay friends, that's it for now! As always, please say hello online. Like, follow, and share all things Grant's Crossing!

I'm beginning to show up all over, but I am most active on Instagram and Facebook. I'm everywhere as @GrantsCrossing or AuthorHMSBrown. Links are below! 

Thanks, and happy reading! 

 - Heather 

WAYWARD GUILT is the first book in my HEROES OF GRANT'S CROSSING series. Click the cover below to purchase a copy via your favorite online booksellers. Available in digital and paperback. 

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