Friday, September 22, 2023

H.M.S. Vellas by H.M.S. Brown

Have you read any Kindle Vella stories yet on Amazon? 

A what, you ask? 

Kindle Vella. 

It's a serialized story that's released one scene or one chapter at a time. You follow it, much like the readers of The Strand followed Doyle's first adventures of Sherlock Holmes, though I haven't yet worked in any pipes or cool hats. (It's good to have goals.) 

My first Vella story features Tara Bailey, who you'll also see in Safe Now, Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 2, due out in early 2024. 

Tara's story is the first in my Grant's Crossing Family & Friends Vella Series, where you'll see some familiar characters and meet all new ones as well. 

After her father is in a serious accident, Tara Bailey returns home to Ohio to help her family during his recovery. Reconnecting with old friends, she rekindles her passion for the flailing family business and her love of the small town of Grant’s Crossing itself. To her surprise, she discovers a new love, too. Will it be enough for her to stay? Or will she return to her old life in Chicago? 

Episode 15 is now live, and new episodes are added each week. 

Grant's Crossing Family & Friends - Tara Bailey

How does Vella work? 

The first three episodes of every story are free, so it's easy to get a taste of the story. 

After that, readers follow stories by unlocking more episodes using tokens. Every first-time visitor to Kindle Vella can claim 200 free tokens to read my story. If you have Amazon Prime, you start with 500 free tokens. With those, you can unlock as many episodes as you'd like. So far, my story uses roughly 125 tokens for my first 15 episodes.

What is an indie author's currency on Kindle Vella? Readers

Readers who follow our stories. Readers who give a thumbs up to our episodes. Readers who comment on episodes. 

Finally, the big win is when a reader purchases more tokens, and "Faves" a story, something they can do once per week. Those "faves?" They're the golden ticket for us authors because they really boost our stories in a huge way. Kindle Vella features "faved" stories and puts our stories in front of a boatload of more readers.

And please leave a written review! Even something as simple as "I loved the book" or "Fabulous story." Whether for our Vellas or novels, such as Wayward Guilt, these reviews make a world of difference to an Indie author! THANKS!

Happy reading! - Heather

WAYWARD GUILT is the first book in my HEROES OF GRANT'S CROSSING series. Click the cover below to purchase a copy via your favorite online booksellers. Available in digital and paperback. 

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