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Review - The Right to Remain

I’ve really come to love every book I’ve read by L.A. Witt and this book is no exception. Seriously - I’m closing in on about 30 books at this stage - all since last summer. 

I discovered her books after seeing a list of books recommended during Pride month. She writes Male/Male romance novels, many of which are set within the military. 

They all contain realistically-portrayed, complex characters who are tackling real life issues and somehow find a way to work through them. And like all true romance novels, they have a happy ending. 

My first book of hers was Conduct Unbecoming where the two main characters were both serving in the Navy out in Okinawa, Japan. Witt is a self-proclaimed Navy brat turned Navy wife so the depictions of life in the military comes across as genuine from someone who has the inside scoop on what she's talking about. 
Book Blurb
Levi Harris has never had a reason to stay on the straight and narrow. Nothing he does is ever good enough for his family, his teachers, his bosses, his drill instructors. He can’t do anything right, so why bother trying?

Then he gets caught breaking and entering, and now he’s bound for prison. Or is he?

Austin Caldwell isn’t thrilled about being burglarized, but when he finds himself face to face with the intruder, he sees himself in those terrified eyes. He knows more than most how much prison chews people up and spits them out. Maybe, just maybe, he can save Levi from that fate.

It starts as an arrangement for Levi to work off his debt to Austin. As trust grows between them, so does an undeniable attraction. Especially as Austin begins to see untapped desires in Levi, and he begins to unlock a whole new world of sensuality for his submissive protégé.

Levi’s in heaven. He’s finally wanted. He finally belongs. For the first time in his life, he has something to lose. All he has to do is stay out of trouble.

And hope trouble doesn’t find him.

The Right to Remain is a 150,000+ word standalone contemporary gay romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

CW: criminal activity, brief mentions of past death of a child, brief mention of past suicide, incarceration.
From my Goodreads review

In this story, their paths aren’t always legal and yes, they pay the price, but finding someone who accepts you, and offers up a second chance in a world where they’re often hard to come by, makes everything that much better. And if you’re with someone who understands the value of leaving a toxic relationship behind, then that’s the icing on the cake.

Levi and Austin meet in unusual circumstances. Austin gives Levi a pathway out of a crime-ridden life where everyone has given up on him and assumed the worst. Levi accepts the offer and learns that Austin has already been down the path he wants to help Levi avoid.

In opening up, Austin helps welcome Levi into an affectionate relationship that includes kink/BDSM, but also with very open discussions and rules with regard to boundaries and trust. For my part, and I’ve not read but a few romance novels with this, I don’t think this has gone as hard core as other books I’ve read. Everything is consensual (for the record, the others were, too) and limits are established without question or coercion.

Like all Witt’s books, the steamy scenes are incredibly steamy and the story as a whole was really good. Had I not needed sleep I would have read this all in one sitting.

Definitely a must read if you’re looking to read some fantastic stories!

Learn more about L.A. Witt at her official website and be sure to follow her on Goodreads. The Right to Remain is available wherever you find your books. Goodreads - Amazon

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