Friday, March 17, 2023

Review - Holiday Romance

 Sure, it's not Christmas, but it's St. Patrick's Day, so that's the next best thing. Right? Right.

I just finished this delightful rom-com, Holiday Romance, featuring two friends from Ireland heading home from Chicago for the holidays. Catherine Walsh drew me in with a fabulous story and Shelley Atkinson never let me go with her brilliant narration. 

If you're looking for a low-to-no-angst romance, this is it. Trust me. You'll feel good after. And you'll get to travel to Ireland without standing in line or being tired at the end of the day!

My review: Holiday Romance is a delightful and sweet friends-to-lovers romance. There's no angst, everyone is nice to each other, and it has a wonderfully happy ending. Written by Catherine Walsh, it gave me all the feels and made me just feel good. 

Andrew and Molly are both from Ireland but live and work in Chicago. For a decade now, they've each been on the same flight back to Ireland for the holidays. Each year their friendship has grown as they discover each other's quirks and get to know each other. 

On the latest flight home, a bad storm has them traveling all over kingdom come to get home in the most random and roundabout way imaginable. Thanks to some well-placed mistletoe, they started to open up to each other and acknowledge their feelings toward each other. 

I absolutely adored the scene in Andrew's family kitchen where he started listing out, flight by flight, how he fell in love with her. Talk about swoonworthy!


  • I'd love to see a book with Zoe! And Christian??? Hmm?
  • Zoe gave me some fantastic laugh-out-loud moments. I'm sure the people in the cars next to me thought I was a little crazy, but it's all worth it. 
  • Hannah was adorable - so vibrant and full of life. 
  • I love the dual timeline and how it eventually met up at the end.
  • I was late in getting this reviewed, so I ended up listening to it on audible. Kudos to Shelley Atkinson for the incredible narration! She made it an absolute joy to listen to. 

This was my first book by Catherine Walsh and I know it won't be my last. 

Thanks very much to NetGalley and Boukouture for the opportunity to read and review this book.

As always, my reviews can be found on Goodreads and other retail sites. 

Take care, and happy reading!

 - Heather 

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