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Pride 2023 - Books and Authors Day 4 - World of True North

Hello and welcome to Day 4 of 30 Days of Pride - Books and Authors! 

For Pride Month 2023, I’m sharing some of the fabulous books and authors I’ve discovered featuring LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly characters or written by LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly authors. 

Ever been to Vermont? You know the place. It's home to Ben & Jerry's, maple syrup, (I know, Canada. I know. Work with me here), gorgeous autumn colors, delicious cheddar cheese, and Bernie Sanders.

How do I know this? Well - I read. OK fine. So I've never actually been to Vermont. It's one of three states on this side of the Mississippi that I have yet to visit, along with New Hampshire and Maine. I'm working on it. Sheesh! Make my book, Wayward Guilt, a best-seller, and I'll book my B&B tour of New England. 

Sigh. That really does sound nice, doesn't it? :-) 

Back to reality. In the meantime, I love visiting Vermont thanks to some amazing writing that started with the talented and best-selling author, Sarina Bowen. She created what is known in the literary world as The World of True North. In other words, she had a fabulous story that included an amazing idea that has taken off thanks to a fabulous book series or two known as Vino & Veritas, an inclusive wine bar and book store. I wonder if it's become a real place since her books have been published! 

So welcome to the World of True North, located in and around Burlington, Vermont, where you can read dozens of standalone romance novels by a large variety of authors. Bowen’s World of True North is the perfect place to start if you’re new to the world of LGBTQ romance (primarily M/M Romance) or if you’re looking to sample the writing of new-to-you authors. 

I plan to post about the Vino & Veritas series, which has a good 20 or so books in all, but in addition to that series, are the Moo U, the In Vino & Veritas (as opposed to simply Vino & Veritas - seriously, don't fight it. You'll want more.), and the Busy Bean, and  Speakeasy series set in nearby Colebury. 

I’ve made it through the Vino & Veritas series of approximately 20 books and the In Vino & Veritas series of 6 books. I’m working my way through her other series as well and I have yet to find any books that aren’t terrific reads. 

Click the link below to learn more about these series. 

The World of True North

Sarina Bowen even separates out all the books by trope. See? It's a romance reader's dream come true. 

If you're new to gay romance, this is the ideal world to sample many talented authors out there. The vast majority of these books are all male/male romances, though at least two in the original Vino & Veritas series are female/female romances. While this world was originally created by Sarina Bowen, each book is written by a different romance author, so it's a reader's dream come true. You get to try different authors with a few repeats along the way. 

The best part is that while there are a few overlapping characters to maintain the continuity of the setting, each book acts as a standalone, so you can start anywhere. 

Visit Sarina Bowen's official website to learn more about all her books in these and other series. If you're looking to make a deep dive into an author's bibliography, you can't go wrong. 

Take care, and happy reading!

- Heather 

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