Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Pride 2023 - Books and Authors Day 14 - Cruising

Hello and welcome to Day 14 of 30 Days of Pride - Books and Authors! 

For Pride Month 2023, I’m sharing some of the fabulous books and authors I’ve discovered featuring LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly characters or written by LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly authors. 

Skimpy swimwear? Check. Shenanigans on the ship? Check. Nine exclusive steamy and sweet mm romance stories? You better believe it!

Cruising is an MM anthology featuring nine brand new, vacation-themed short stories ranging from friends-to-lovers rom coms to steamy billionaires and rockstar spice.

That's according to the book description, and it's not wrong! 

I took my first cruise in February of 2022. It was booked for a year earlier, but hey. Pandemic. Oh - and they sold the ship. Literally, so it was going to be rescheduled regardless. I even made a lot of progress on Safe Now, Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 2 (that I'm now reworking in a big way!) Long story short, I visited some new places and had a blast, but I was definitely bitten by the cruising bug. 
View of the HAL Rotterdam from Margaritaville at Grand Turk

When I heard about an anthology of short stories all set on cruise ships, I wanted to check it out! Lo and behold, I found Cruising, an anthology of nine M/M romances written by a variety of authors.  
It was an excellent way to sample the work of new-to-me authors. I picked it up and ended up reading it cover to cover. Not in order - I started with the authors I knew, such as Michael Robert, Garry Michael,  and Matthew Dante. Then I moved on to those I'd only heard of such as 
Jeris Jean and Duckie Mack. Finally I read by brand new authors, L.D. Blakely, Michaela Cole, S. Legend, and Harper Robson. 

Next time you're looking for a good read, check this out. It's great if you want to try out some new authors without committing yourself to an overwhelming tome. 

Click on the authors' names to learn more about their books.

L.D. BlakeleyMichaela ColeMatthew Dante - Jeris Jean - S. Legend - Duckie Mack - Garry Michael - Michael Robert - Harper Robson.

Movie night on the Lido deck of the HAL Rotterdam - was my 1st-ever cruise... and they played Jaws. Sigh. Good thing I was in a bigger boat!

Take care, and happy reading!

- Heather 

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