Thursday, May 4, 2023

Wayward Guilt - Status Update May the 4th (be with you!)

Good evening! 

I started the process of listing my first novel, WAYWARD GUILT - Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 1, this week, and I'd like to say how grateful I am that so much of this process of creating/setting up author pages, listing books, is a one-time thing.


Planned release date is July 25, 2023!!

I plan to publish wide, which means I won't be exclusive to a single publisher. Plus, I plan to offer both digital and paperback versions of my book. (I haven't yet delved into the large-print version of the paperwork, but that's down the road)
  • I've submitted the book via Goodreads, and once listed, I can convert my profile to an author page.
  • Draft2Digital (D2D) has been started
  • Apple Books - They're verifying my EIN
  • Kobo, Google Play, Amazon, BN, Smashwords, etc. - Mostly TBD - 1 down, 4+ to go.
  • Bookbub - I've submitted my one listing and claimed my author name. Once approved, I'll be able to list my book and convert my current profile to an author page so I can keep my reviews in place. (I have about 60+ reviews) This can take up to a week.
  • Payhip - Started
My book goes to my editor on May 22 - the story itself is in great shape. I just need to work on the misc stuff, i.e.
  • Copyright page
  • Author's notes
  • Content/trigger warning
  • Acknowledgments
  • Character page - still debating
  • Contacts and social media links
  • Teaser for next book
  • Link to preorder for Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 2 
I'm shooting for late winter/early spring 2024 for Book 2. 

Wish me luck!
Once I'm set up, I can truly jump into the marketing, though this kind of counts. BUT - I want to include links. In the meantime, you're welcome to like and follow my author page at HMS Brown. I'd love to hit 100 likes by the time I get these listed and over 250 by the time my book is released the end of July!

As always, my reviews can be found on Goodreads and other retail sites. 

Take care, and happy reading!

 - Heather 

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