Thursday, September 2, 2021

Bookstores - How do I love Thee?

This is what I do when I get to Barnes & Noble. I take pictures! I've already read 13 of these, DNF'd another and I have two waiting in the wings. A few more look fun, too.

X = read
S = started, not yet finished.
√ = I have it, but haven't yet started it.

Yeah. Got slightly hooked on romance novels. I credit the pandemic.

My absolute favorite: Red, White, And Royal Blue. If you read nothing else, read this one. 

Other favorites include these (and the other few I didn't mention!)

And you have to read Beach Read - writers, especially, will appreciate it! 

You'll cry. You'll laugh. You'll want to read it again. Promise.

Such a sweet and wonderful story about love and acceptance.

First two were great - I have the 3rd on pre-order

A great book for all your sports fans out there!

...for sure! You need to read this one!

My favorite of Jasmine Guillory's books

...and all its sequels

Really enjoyed this along with Kiss My Cupcake. So many great choices!

Great for lovers of public radio.

My first romance novel! Love Priscilla Oliveras' books!

And most definitely The Tourist Attraction 
(Though all three books in that series are awesome. #3 is my favorite)
I also have If I Never Met You and The Dating Plan which are currently on deck for me.

If you're looking for some good romance novels but have a preferred theme, here are some additional suggestions. Trust me. I can suggest a lot more.

  • Want some Cowboy romance? Hit up Maisey Yates Start with the Garrett family: Part-Time Cowboy, Broke Down Cowboy and Bad News Cowboy.
  • Want some Football romance? Alexa Martin Intercepted, Fumbled, Blitzed, Snapped - My fave is Blitzed.
  • Want some Motorcycle Club romances? Melissa Foster Start with the Whiskeys - Tru Blue is the first.
  • Want some LGBTQ+ romances? L.A. Witt  (and Melissa Foster) My faves are Rules of Engagement and Covet Thy Neighbor as well as her suspense novels.
  • Want some Tattoo romances? Chelle Bliss (and L.A. Witt) Start with Flame and Burn.
  • Want laugh out load books? Lyssa Kay Adams You definitely want the Bromance Book Clubs, You'll pee your pants, you'll laugh so hard. Watch for The Russian. OMG. SO HILARIOUS!
  • Want a good cry? Libby Hubscher Meet me in Paradise. I went through at least 10 Kleenex before looking into just buying stock so I could get my money back.

I'm sure you'll find some great books. In the meantime... 

Happy Reading! 

        - Heather

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