Kindle Vellas - Serialized Fiction and Non-Fiction

I write a mix of fiction and non-fiction Kindle Vellas, which are serialized stories you can read one scene or one chapter at a time.

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My Vellas tie-in characters you met in my debut novel, Wayward Guilt, with all new characters, many of whom you'll see in Safe Now, Heroes of Grant's Crossing Book 2, due out in March 2024.



Between the Lines - A Grant's Crossing Romance 

When her father is hospitalized after a serious accident, Tara Bailey returns home to Ohio to help her family during his recovery.
Reconnecting with old friends, she rekindles her passion for the flailing family business and her love of the small town of Grant’s Crossing itself. To her surprise, she discovers a new love, too. Will it be enough for her to stay? Or will she return to her old life in Chicago? 
58 Episodes - Ongoing

How far would you go to protect your brother when no one else will? Two Brothers introduces you to some new faces and lets you better know some familiar ones from Wayward Guilt. 

62 Episodes - Complete

Abe Mitchell graduates high school at the top of his Class of 1977 to study architecture at Tulane so he can come back home and start his own home renovation business. When his quirky roommate talks him into volunteering one Friday night, Abe meets the love of his life. 

Sometimes, throwing a wrench in the works is all that's needed to find a happily ever after.

7 Episodes - just getting started


Musical Missives - A Patron's Take on the Central Ohio Classical Music Scene 

I grew up with music, both playing and hearing it at home. A while back, I kept a journal on various pieces of music I heard, both recorded and live. These are my thoughts on a lot of musical things, mostly centering around the classical musical goings-on here in and around central Ohio. Enjoy! 

New episodes are available on Mondays and Thursdays. 

28 Episodes - Ongoing

Coming soon!

Smolyanski Scribbles - Coming soon! Tales of a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Smolyan, Bulgaria. 

I had the good fortune of serving in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria from 2000-2002. These are some of my stories!

The Wandering Nomad - Coming soon!

Sure, The Wandering Nomad is redundant, but I'm just driving (see what I did there?) the point home that this is going to have some fun travel stories. I've lived in seven states and two other countries, which means I've been ridiculously fortunate to visit a lot of amazing places around the world. These are some of my stories. (Ching ching!) Ok - not quite Law & Order intense, but I hope you enjoy some of my travels and share some of your own in the comments. Happy reading, and safe travels!

I have other ideas as well, including more short stories and novellas in my Grant's Crossing world. Stay tuned, and please click on and follow/read my vellas. New episodes are being published every week! 

Thanks, and happy reading! 

- Heather

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