Monday, January 30, 2023

Update - Wayward Guilt - Coffee Tour #2

Day 2 of my neighborhood coffee shop tour brought me to the Grandview Grind, the closest coffee shop to where I live, though it's maybe a block or two closer to the next shop, so not too far. 

I'm making some great progress on my book. By the end of the day, I've uploaded 44 out of 46 chapters in Wayward Guilt. See? Progress! My draft has 46 chapters and an epilogue though Chapter 45 will be rather tough, I think. Sure, it's drafted, but well... it's just a tough one. And I usually cry whenever I work on it. Can't help myself! 

Before I stopped at the Grind, I took a walk down Grandview Avenue to stop by Pure Imagination Chocolaterie to treat myself to a 4-pack of delicious truffles for my birthday. I picked up 4 different flavors: Espresso, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, and Key Lime. The Espresso is already my favorite! 

Special thanks to the gentleman working behind the counter. He treated me to a little birthday present, too - two pieces of chocolate-covered coconut. They didn't last long. (TASTY!)

As always, my reviews can be found on Goodreads and other retail sites. 

Take care, and happy reading!

 - Heather 

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