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Review - Double Up

I can't say this enough, but I love Courtney W. Dixon's books! She writes complex characters with realistic backgrounds and compelling stories. She also puts them all through the ringer, so I can't help but hurt right along with them.  

In other words, yes. She makes me cry but I can't stop turning pages!

If you’re not in love with Zayden and Noah by the end of Double Up, Dixon's 3rd installment of the Ohana Surfing Club series, you need to go back and reread this book. 

Right now. 

Zayden’s a good kid who happens to like boys instead of girls. His parents are crappy parents who kick him out at age 15 for kissing another boy. This amazing and resilient boy has to live on the streets for nearly a year, competing in and winning surfing contests to keep himself in cash. One day, his surfboard breaks, and he steals a new board from the Ohana Surfing Club. 

Fortunately, Kel, our lovable character from Impact Zone, saw desperation and not malicious intent in Zayden. Like the good man he is, he gives Zay the opportunity to work off the value of the board in exchange for a place to live and going back to school.

Noah a teenager who parents his own mom, typically drunk out of her mind and with a new man every week; he makes sure she gets up and makes it to work so they can keep eating and have a roof over their heads. 

When Zayden gets back into school after being on the streets for a year, he befriends Noah. Not that he has much choice in the matter because Noah befriends anyone and everyone. He was a beacon of positivity and optimism, quite the opposite of Zay, who is far more intense and kept to himself. 

Soon they become the best of friends. Noah is even given a job and a better place to stay at Ohana Surf Club despite still taking care of his mom. 

Though it starts with quite a rough beginning, the overall story between Zayden and Noah is super sweet once they get together and discover they like each other. Their friendship is unbreakable, as is their love for each other. They stick with each other through injuries, abandoned children like themselves, and all the ups and downs of their young lives. 

I adore these two and thoroughly loved reading about them. Their story was sweet and no matter what, they were always there for each other. I felt so good reading about two people who instinctively knew to be there for the other, even if they didn't always know how to word things. Just a simple touch or guidance communicated as much as an words. Zayden's intensity combined with Noah's endless optimism warmed my heart.

I can’t wait for Courtney W Dixon’s next book! In the meantime, I'm going to reread this.

You should, too.

If you've not yet started this series, each book can be read as a standalone, but it's fun to read from the beginning. 

Learn more about the Ohana Surfing Club and Kings of Boston book series at Courtney W Dixon's official website

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Take care, and happy reading!

 - Heather 

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