Friday, July 15, 2022

Grant’s Crossing Book Files - July 2022

 Hello! I’m making some writing progress! 

Grant’s Crossing Romance #1 - Don’t Call Me Sugar (Tara & Steve) is currently with Beta readers (OMG!!!!) and I’m already getting some great feedback. Tara already loves her hometown when she meets Steve who's figuring his life out now that he found his brother, Nick. Together? Oh, the feels! 

Grant’s Crossing Romance #2 - Title TBD (Logan & Nick) is outlined and I’m writing it now. I just finished an early scene and I’m at about 7700 words. Just getting started, but yeah - it’s good to be writing vs. Editing. I love both, but have been concentrating on editing lately. (P.S. Julie Anne Lindsey’s outlining / book-prep class was a huge help in getting me going on this!) Can Logan find love again and can Nick be the one who inspires him to take that risk?

Grant’s Crossing Romance #3 - End of a New Life (Derek & Callie) is being outlined. This is the first book that I wrote that was a complete, god-awful mess. I’m using some of what I used, but it’ll be a completely different story though - Derek is speeding out of control in a vicious downward spiral, meeting Callie along the way. These two have a great story to tell. 

Grant’s Crossing Romance #4 - Warm Drink on a Cold Day (Kiro and Celeste) is in the notes-to-outline-ish stage. Did we ever think they'd get together?

Grant’s Crossing Romance #5 - Title TBD (Emerson & Aimee) In the works. Not everything is as it seems. 

Grant’s Crossing Romance #6 - Title TBD (Tim & TBD) In the works. I get to write about Tim's love of romance novels in this story. 

Grant’s Crossing Novel #1 - Wayward Guilt is about 85% written. This is a literary fiction novel that serves as a prequel to all my romance novels, ending just before Tara and Steve's story begins. I wanted to tell Joey's story, so this book dives into the lives of Logan, Joey, Derek, and Tank, four men who grew up together through small-town antics, self-discovery, war, and brotherhood. I love them and their story so much, even if it makes me cry. No offense to the readers, but I hope you cry half as much as I did while writing it. It’s fun to write scenes with tears falling down my face. Yeah. I know. Weird. 

I’m excited! 

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Take care and happy reading!

 - Heather 

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