Monday, June 21, 2021

Review - The Layover

I picked up book last week to listen to at work and discovered this new gem by Lacie Waldon. The Layover is her debut novel, an enemies to lovers romantic comedy. I originally read about it in a Goodreads giveaway (which I didn't win) so I was delighted to find it on audible. I listened to it all in a day and loved every minute of it. 

I absolutely loved this book! I think it’s because I love to fly, but also because I have a couple of friends who worked as flight attendants and they always came back with some fantastic stories about the various goofy people on their flights. While the passenger antics make up a small part of the book, it adds depth to the overall story. 

Ava is a newly engaged flight attendant working her last flight which includes a 24-hour layover at a beach resort in Belize. She’s been working the skies for nearly 9 years now and has her job down to a science. Typically unflappable, her professionalism is pushed to the limit with an eccentric, yet lovable, young flight attendant who traded for this layover flight and Jack, a former Air Force pilot who is now working as a flight attendant in the civilian world. Never mind that he has a reputation as a player looking to date as many flight attendants as he possibly can. 

Sensing a spark of romance, Ava and Jack team up to play matchmakers to two other coworkers on this flight resulting in some laugh out loud exchanges between all the characters. 

Maintenance problems add an extra 24-hours to their layover on the beach in Belize which is when it becomes more and more apparent that Ava and Jack are falling for each other. Add a fiancé that wants her to be nothing more than a trophy wife and romance ensues.

I love the way they come together at the end, especially with a little help from the Captain along the way. 

In all honesty, the fact that her brand new engagement ended up being called off was a tad predictable. We knew it was coming from the beginning, but it was quite satisfying when it did.

This is the debut novel by Lacie Waldon that keeps you grounded with fun, but leave you flying high. I look forward to reading more! 

Now… where can I get my hands on some deep dish pizza?

Find Lacie Waldon on line - Website - Goodreads - Barnes & Noble - Amazon

This book just hit the shelves last week. I highly recommend adding it to your summer reading list! In the meantime, happy reading!

 - Heather

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